Barca Ball retention “El Rondo”

All Barcelona’s training session are with the ball. El Rondo is the famous FCB warm-up exercise with the ball in a 3×1 in a 10×10.

Passing – The Barcelona Way?

Following Barcelona’s amazing performances, I have been receiving a number of emails and questions asking about the Barca way. Coaches searching the web for Barca’s training plans but to no avail and you will do very well to find a Barcelona training plan on the net. So if you want some, you’ll have to come to Carton House in February 2011 and get your hands on these very special documents.

A great Spanish and Barca Warm Up drill:
Ball retention - “El Rondo”
Players play 3v1 in a tight space (10 by 10) depending on players ability. The player in the middle has the job of getting the ball off of the other players by intercepting it as they attempt to pass it to each other. This is a pressure game, so no tackling. When the one of the central players wins the ball, the player who made the pass must become the man in the middle. This is a fast paced game, and 1 or 2 ouches only and this will make sure one person doesn’t spend too much time in the middle chasing after ball. This can also be progressed to 4v2 in a larger area and again start with two touch and then move to one touch.

Here is a video of some of the Spanish team using what is called the “Rondo” for a warm up

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