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Parents in Sport Week – PLAY YOUR PART – 3-9th October

Parents in Sport Week will take place from 3 to 9 October 2016. This week will focus on how parents can greatly influence a child’s experience in sport through their actions, both positive and negative. 

In the build-up and during parent’s week 2016, we hope sports organisations make sure the message regarding a parent’s or carer’s role within sport focuses on the positive impact that they have on their child or children.

All too often we only hear negative stories about extreme poor behaviour from the side-lines. This negative parental behaviour takes away from a child’s experience of sport or their desire to continue participating within sport, as they no longer see taking part in sport as fun.

Child Protection In Sport Unit want help from sports organisations to raise awareness of the crucial role parents have in helping a child reach their full potential.

3 key outcomes

The key outcomes that Parents in Sport Week aims to achieve are:

  1. To encourage sports organisations and clubs to promote the positive role parents play in helping children reach their full potential
  2. To empower parents by sharing information regarding key roles they can do as a sports parent in supporting their child’s participation, success and fun, and therefore retaining a child’s interest in sport
  3. To assist coaches and officials to understand the crucial role parents have in a child’s participation and continued involvement in sport

They have useful guidance for coaches regarding welcoming and appreciating parents, to assist in those initial conversations about roles and expectations, but also on how to have difficult discussions when things are not going well.

Further information

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Book a place on the free webinar, Promoting positive parenting in sport, which covers how parents can support children to enjoy sport and achieve to the best of their ability. It takes place on 7 October 2016.


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