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Podcast 5: Paul Fogarty – Head Of Youth Development Shelbourne FC

In Podcast 5, I speak with Paul Fogarty of Shelbourne FC. We discuss coaching, UEFA B & A Licenses, Youth Development, The new League Of Ireland u17s League and more….


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Irish Grassroots Football

Shelbourne FC taking big strides announcing a new 5 year deal

BREAKING NEWS: I just received news from Paul Fogarty Technical Director at Shelbourne and Austin Speight Head of Coerver Coaching in Ireland that Shelbourne FC have signed a 5 year deal with Coerver Coaching.

Press Release:

Both Shelbourne FC & Coerver Coaching are pleased to announce our partnership starting immediately and in place until May 2018.


This puts Shelbourne in a unique position of bringing in proven internationally recognised coaching professionals to assist in developing the club alongside Shelbourne staff.

Coerver Coaching are the Worlds No 1 technical coaching program & is widely used by many top professional clubs and national associations’ .across the World. The program will focus on developing skilled, creative and talented players who are technically competent with an array of skills to beat opponents in 1v1 situation.

The staff and players at the club will be accessing a similar type of Coerver Partner club program currently in place at English Premier League Stoke City and many clubs throughout Europe.

The aim of the partnership is to:

  • Train the coaches at the club
  • Follow a CPD program for Shelbourne coaching staff
  • Follow a professional coaching curriculum
  • Develop better technically skilled players for Shelbourne
  • Attract the best players & coaches to the club
  • Coerver Coaching academy to open for the  clubs players
  • Tolka Park to be a venue for Coerver Coaching high profile coaching events
  • Shelbourne coaching staff offer professional club trips abroad
  • Shelbourne Players offer professional club trips abroad
  • Talented Shelbourne players will be given opportunities to trial with teams in the U.K and across Europe.

This is a unique and exciting development for Irish football and Shelbourne FC as they look to become the leading schoolboy club in Dublin.

Shelbourne FC, one of the most illustrious football clubs in Ireland are delighted to be able to enter into such a partnership with Coerver Coaching. With Shelbourne FC already having the largest and most successful schoolboy section out of all league of Ireland sides, believe this partnership will not only keep them at the forefront of League of Ireland but also help them become the largest most progressive and developmental schoolboy clubs throughout the country.

“Coerver Coaching course at Real Madrid was very well received by us all, since our goal, especially in the formative years, is technical excellence. Unless players are highly technical, it does not matter what system or tactic you play, at the highest level, you will probably lose.”

Vincente Del Bosque, Spanish National team manager and European Championship and World Cup winning coach.

With a clear player pathway from the youngest ages in schoolboy football to the highest level of football played in Ireland Shelbourne FC are positive that with the help of Coerver Coaching they will be able to produce technically gifted players on a regular basis for not only their First Team but also for the International Squads at all ages.

Paul Fogarty, Technical Director of the Schoolboy Section said “This is something myself and Coerver have worked very hard on bringing into the club, I have looked into many coaching systems and Coerver Coaching has always come out on top as the most progressive, technical skills orientated system I have found. I truly feel that not only will we produce the typical never say die Irish player, we will produce a player with that attitude and now the technical skills to match anybody throughout world football which will not only benefit us as a club but future Irish International Squads”  

We at Arsenal are strong believers in Coerver Coaching  program. We want all our young players to be exposed to it, so we invited Alf Galustian to be our academy technical coaches instructor

Liam Brady, Ireland Legend & Academy Manager at   Arsenal FC

Austin Speight Ireland Director for Coerver Coaching and former coach at West Ham, Stockport County, Manchester City & Blackburn Rovers, will personally oversee the program and deliver the coach education sessions for Shelbourne. Austin has vast experience of working with elite players who have gone from talented schoolboys to top Premier league players in the past 20 years.

Austin said “ Coerver Coaching are very pleased to link up with Shelbourne who have a great past history and reputation in Irish Professional football, we now look to develop the next level and develop more players for the club over the coming years. I have been very impressed by the staff at the club and their enthusiasm to bring Coerver Coaching into the club, develop their players and staff & to get this program moving”.

All young players will improve by following coerver coaching progamme. I have seen many different methods of coaching skills and coerver coaching beats them all

Peter Beardsley, England Legend and football Development Manager at Newcastle United FC

For further quotes on Coerver Coaching success and reputation:

Contact Austin Speight, Coerver Coaching and/or Paul Fogarty, Shelbourne FC to find out more.

This is certainly a big step in the right direction, Coerver coaching will have huge benefits on the technical development of both the boys and girls sections at Shelbourne FC. Girls soccer is on the rise in Ireland and Shelbourne who are already one of the biggest facilitator to the sport, will certainly have the advantage over other clubs with this new deal.