Football – Soccer the player’s game? By Chris Panayiotou

After posting “A Players Message To Parents” I got sent a fantastic video and poem:

Football – Soccer the player’s game?

I dream of being like my heroes Messi, Hamm, Ronaldo, Heath, Ackers and Rooney, ah the fame

I dream that 80,000-90,000 fans are screaming my name,

I want to ask the stars, with all those people screaming your name….

How does this affect your game?

 How do you think? –

When coach yells, the sidelines screams directions I just freeze and shrink

 They say that soccer is the player’s game

I just can’t concentrate when the adults yell my name

 I want to play where it’s nice and quiet

Not where a referee misses a call and induces a riot

 I want to play where I’m free to make mistakes

Not when that happens the adult berates

The parents yell boot it, punt it, whack it clear

I just want to dribble keep the ball near

After all, the ball is the world’s favorite toy

I am not a grown man, just a small boy

Unisex -part They continue to yell and go absolutely wild

I’m not a grown up just a small child

People are yelling pass, pass, pass

Tell me dribble and I will be the top of my class

 I want to dribble and touch the ball

I want to be free from the noise and try it all

Dad when you were young how and what did you play?

Did your parents come and watch you, what did they say?

The ride home is at times what I dread

Because what you say I should do, is not what coach said

Today is my day, to learn and embrace,

All that I can from my coach and teammates.

From me to you, and you to me,

the way forward is clear to see.

These six words mean the world to me.

Mom, Dad, there is no better way for you to say,

“I loved watching you play today.”

 These words I hear, and never fear –

are true and kind and full of cheer. –

Kick around with me, show me what to do

Let me take part in pick-up games like you used to

I am still a young person not a professional player

I need support and praise not a nay-sayer

Thank my teachers and coaches for their time

They are trying to help my skills be sublime

Praise my effort, grit, determination and will

Let me develop, try new things, gain a skill

Sit back, relax, enjoy this ride

This is my journey let me fill you with pride


Chris Panayiotou is Developmental Director of Coaching Virginia Rush Soccer Club and Developmental Technical Director Rush Soccer.


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