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What’s really important is getting better, NOT WINNING!

Let’s be honest a child would rather get better at what they are doing, than focus on winning all the time. Winning is not really that important. Here are some of the things that aren’t really important and winning is one of them:

  • Being “better” then someone else on your team, is NOT REALLY IMPORTANT;.
  • Playing with the A from a young age is NOT REALLY IMPORTANT;
  • Being the starter or the best player on the team is NOT REALLY IMPORTANT;
  • Trying to score all the goals is NOT REALLY IMPORTANT;
  • Making sure you play in the same position every week is NOT REALLY IMPORTANT.

So you might ask, if all those things aren’t REALLY important.

What is REALLY important?

Psychologist like Dr. Goldberg say it’s WHO you are and HOW you are in the process of the competition. That is the most important thing about playing sports.

Things like:

  • Having CHARACTER;
  • Being a TEAM PLAYER;
  • LIFTING the level of your teammates’ play;
  • Playing FAIR;
  • Pursuing EXCELLENCE and WORKING HARD in everything you do;
  • Being a LEADER, regardless of whether you are the captain or not;
  • Meeting both VICTORY & DEFEAT with dignity and grace;
  • Being a great ROLE MODEL;
  • Interacting with all others with RESPECT.

I would also say:

  • Being POSITIVE towards your teammates;
  • Working HARD to HELP out;
  • PREPARING properly for training and the game;
  • Being ON TIME;
  • Eating the right FOODS;
  • Getting the right amount of SLEEP;
  • Being HYDRATED;
  • DOING YOUR BEST for the team regardless of what position you are asked to play in.
  • NEVER GIVE UP, even when you’re losing;
  • Every-time you play is an opportunity to GET BETTER;
  • PLAYING on your own;
  • and playing with a SMILE!

This is what is REALLY IMPORTANT in sports!


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