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Champion FCBarcelona Coaching Clinic @ Carton House

Thanks to everyone who helped David and I make the Champion FCBarcelona Coaching clinic overall great success. Mary, Sandra, Jako and the kids, Julian, Doran, Glenn, Robbie, Stephen H aka security, Hazel, Ian & Linda @ Phoenix Embroidery, Lisa & the hubby, Juan Mari aka interpretor, Enric, Franc, Emily @ Champion, Joe@The Herald, Andy O’Neill, David, Mark & Sam at Carton house all you the Coaches who attended and of course Albert Benaiges! Cheers to you all, without you this couldn’t have happened and now we have a platform to build upon!

I didn’t get to see much of the drills, but of the one I saw I picked up on at least 2-3 things I will be doing from now on, Albert in particular was amazing with the kids and demonstrated such patience with all of them.

Any feedback both negative and positive would be appreciated, there would certainly be a few things we would do differently and we want to hear from you.


The Coach Dairy and DBSportstours

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