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Eddie Smith Founder of Athletic Development

Champion FC Barcelona Coaching clinic with Barca Academy coaches at Carton House, February 5th & 6th only 3 weeks away!!!

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Athletic Development brings expert level physical training away from elite sport; presenting a practical solution for the modern coach looking to provide their athletes with the very best training possible.

Back in 2006, while studying Sports Science at Dublin City University and working as a Strength and Conditioning coach with young football players, I became increasingly aware that Coaches in Ireland didn’t have access to any well founded physical training tools or practical information.

My sporting background lies in football having played at the top level throughout my youth, picking up a few schoolboy International caps along the way (all the time hating physical training!).

Typically a lot of the Strength and Conditioning stuff out there is a bit “high-end”: very expensive, complicated and not exactly user friendly.

As a consequence young and developing players were not getting the best training possible and couldn’t hope to reach their full potential; no matter how naturally talented or tough they are. Perhaps more importantly they were at a huge risk of injury due to poor physical preparation without any prehabilitation (strengthening exercises used to prevent injury).

I dug into the scientific literature (mainly work from the states and Eastern Europe) and started putting together some easy to read mini-books dealing with all areas of foundational physical training- or what I began to call Athletic Development.

My lecturers at D.C.U liked my stuff and recommended that I try to develop it further. So I did and it took me nearly 4 years to establish Athletic Development as it is today.

I have a great team of experts with me and we are all passionate about the modest idea of Laying the Foundations of Success: allowing coaches to focus their limited time developing the quality technical and tactical exercises that Athletic Development’s tools may complement and enhance.

At Athletic Development our goal is to educate and empower Irish coaches to successfully develop Irish athletes with a scientifically proven; yet user-friendly, practical approach to physical training.

In addition to our coach education workshops we have created a series of 3 progressive training manuals, I-pod exercise video downloads and outdoor circuit training packs designed to make the coaches job easier, reduce injuries and develop athleticism.

With Athletic Development coaches can be confident in the knowledge that they are giving their players the very best training possible- trust me I’ve done the research!!!

Eddie Smith, B.Sc., C.S.C.S.,

Founder, Athletic Development.

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