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May 10, 11 FIFA – The 11+

The 11+ – a complete warm up to prevent injuries

Warming up prior to playing and training is a matter of routine for any serious player. A smart warm-up not only improves your performance, but also helps you to prevent injuries. “The 11+”, the new injury prevention programme from FIFA’s Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC), provides a complete, football-specific warm-up and can easily be integrated into a daily training routine.

The 11+” is divided into three parts:

It starts off with running exercises (part I), moves on to six exercises with three levels of increasing difficulty to improve strength, balance, muscle control and core stability (part II), and concludes with further running exercises (part III). The different levels of difficulty increase the programme’s effectiveness and allow coaches and players to individually adapt the programme.

Part I: running exercises at a slow speed combined with active stretching and controlled partner contacts;
Part II: six set of exercises, focusing on core and legs strength, balance, and plyometrics/ agility, each with three levels of increasing difficulty; and
Part III: running exercises at moderate/high speed combined with planting/cutting movements.

A key point in the program is to use the proper technique during all of the exercises. Pay full attention to correct posture and good body control, including straight leg alignment, knee-over-toe position and soft landings. “The 11+” should be completed, as a standard warm-up, at least two to three times a week and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

20 Minutes

“The 11+” takes approx. 20 minutes to complete and replaces the usual warm-up before training. Prior to playing a match, only the running exercises are performed, for about ten minutes.

“The 11+” has proven to cut injuries by up to half – if performed correctly and regularly. When it is adopted together with the values of fair play, it enables you, as a player or coach, to protect yourself, your team and your opponents and thus increase everyone’s enjoyment of the game.

If anyone is interested in the pdf doc, let me know and i’ll pass it on when I get it.

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