“let the kids talk”

The art of asking questions.  You might say, what questions well we as coaches too often provide solutions immediately to our players without letting them learn on their own. I did a bit of statistical research and found a couple of very interesting bits of knowledge that really show how important it is to let the kids speak.

Studies have found that students typically remember only 19 percent of what a teacher taught them 3 months ago. However recall increased to 32 percent when the information was demonstrated.

Now here’s the real goal. Students that were given the chance to develop information on their own (with the teacher’s assistance) had a recall rate of 65 percent after 3 months.

So how do we help player’s originate info on their own?

As coaches we must develop the art of asking questions. Kids learn better when they have the opportunity to answer questions instead of being told solutions or answers.

Ask questions that require descriptive answers. Avoid yes/no questions as these limit the player’s ability to deeply explore answers.

Every coach is guilty of providing solutions instead of drawing the answers out of the players. I too sometimes rush and don’t ask, and on more than one occasion. It’s a change in coaching style that I am working on.

I encourage you to do the same.

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