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Geraint Davies is an Academy Lead Rugby Coach, here are his views on Children’s sport. 5 Brilliant and very simple ideas to implement! I’ve spent the last 2 years watching my own children play Football, Rugby, Cricket & Tennis. Standing back watching them as a father is a very different experience to coaching,...

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My daughter likes football!

Apr 08, 14 My daughter likes football!

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I always taught my daughter didn’t like football. Yesterday she surprised me and asked ‘did I want to play 1v1 out the back?’. I answered, sure! As we walked out the back, she turned and said ‘get the goals, I’m not playing without goals.’ A few minutes later I had the goals out and we were ready...

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Silent Sideline Weekend Update

Mar 13, 14 Silent Sideline Weekend Update

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Just spend the most productive few days at the Running School becoming a Master in DMS which is Dynamic Movements Skills. If you have’t heard or seen DMS, then check this out > DMS. Dynamic Movement Skills will be coming to Ireland soon. The results after just 6 sessions are incredible. More to follow. Silent...

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SHHhhhh ‘just, let them play’ Silent Sideline

I first heard about this idea some years back even before I set up this blog. I believe it started in the US. It’s something I have been meaning to try and push with all the leagues across the country for some time now and I had originally posted something back in 2011 I think. This year I’m going to make this happen,...

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