COACH TALK: Christian McAuley

Dec 01, 14 COACH TALK: Christian McAuley

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This week I spoke with Christian McAuley grassroots coach at Newbridge town. TCD: How did you get into coaching? CM: Like many coaches I got in to coaching because of my son. I wanted to give him the best football education and set about researching player development. Although I played football for 25+ years I soon found out how...

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Post – Future of Youth Development in Irish Football

Mar 27, 13 Post – Future of Youth Development in Irish Football

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Thanks to all you attended the talk the other night, in particular the speakers Mitch Whitty: NDSL Playing philosophy and changing the mentality, Austin Speight: Developing level of coaching at Pro clubs UK and France, Michael Lynam: Positive Coaching for Children/Young Players and Dermott Dalton: Horst Wein’s – Optimal...

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