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15 of the best blogs on preventing sports injuries in kids by Summer

Emma sent me this post from it’s certainly relevant to the coming weeks in Irish kids football; looking at some of the fixtures of u11s kids, due to the bad weather we know have a back-log of games. I noticed one team having 5 games this week and I’m talking about 10 and 11 year olds. This will most likely be the case for the next month for some of these teams. I wonder who would be liable if a child was to suffer injuries due to this amount of games, which could be potential 15/20 in one month?

As kids become more active in high level sports, they are also suffering from far more injuries related to those sports than ever before. As a parent, you are not helpless when it comes to injuries and your kids.

Make sure that you provide your kids with high quality, well-fitting equipment to play in.

Take opportunities to educate yourself about common injuries and how they can be prevented by using the right safety equipment and by your child taking the right preventative measures. Many injuries can be prevented simple by properly warming up and stretching. Find out more information for preventing sports injuries in the following 15 blog entries.

Often kids don’t want to wear protective gear because they think other kids will make fun of them or that it will affect how well they play.

Common Injuries in Kids

The following entries go over the most common sports injuries in kids.  Just being aware of what can happen to a child while playing a sport can make you more aware of different symptoms to look for.  Do you know the signs of a concussion?  Concussions can be fatal if left untreated or ignored.  Children, unlike adult athletes, are still growing and often suffer growth plate related injuries.  For details on these common sports injuries and more, read the next five blog posts.

Common injury areasUse the Right Equipment

Many injuries can be prevented just by using the right equipment, such as wearing protective eyewear and using mouth guards.  By wearing the correct helmet, a serious brain injury can be prevented if a child falls off a bike or gets tackled on a football field.

Often kids don’t want to wear protective gear because they think other kids will make fun of them or that it will affect how well they play.  If the equipment fits them well, however, it should not affect how they play since it was designed to keep them safe during activity.

For more information on how equipment can prevent injuries, read through these five blog articles.

How to Prevent Injuries

As a parent, you can actively help prevent your child from getting injured.  Make sure that the rules are explained in detail to him.  Make sure he understands the rules and knows how to use the equipment safely.  Learn how to prevent injuries by reading through these five blogs entries.

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