Don’t ruin your season over a very basic decision….

It’s called the business time of the year as many teams are fighting relegation, or on the brinks of a first league championship or for some it’s a cup semi or even a cup final. Many coaches/managers can’t put their entire season and coach reputation on the line by not being true to their beliefs, players and...

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To Be A Coach

Dec 19, 13 To Be A Coach

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What do you need, to be a great coach? Here are my opinions on what is required to be the best you can be, at coaching in sport. ‘Most kids would rather play on a losing team than sit on the bench of a winning one. That doesn’t mean that kids don’t value winning, just that they prefer playing’  Why do kids Play? To have...

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The Coach Diary Quotes & Much More..

Oct 29, 13 The Coach Diary Quotes & Much More..

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I’m starting this post, to share my quotes and opinions with you. All of them are inspired by other coaches, comment and posts from the blog. Please feel free to use, share or even add to them. These quotes are written with the intention to keep me inspired each and every time I coach. I hope you too get some inspiration from...

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The Coach

Oct 17, 13 The Coach

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Coaches have so many different styles and personas, but one thing is for sure they all start out with the right intentions. So what sets the very best apart from the rest? About Life The very best coaches are life coaches, they teach the player much more than the tactical and technical aspects of a game, they prepare the athlete for...

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