3rd Feb’16: 30th Annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day

Feb 02, 16 3rd Feb’16: 30th Annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day

In case you haven’t heard, February 3rd marks the 30th annual National Girls and Women in Sports day, which is dedicated to recognising and celebrating the momentous strides in sports that girls and women have made throughout the years.

One specific set of regulations surrounding athletic equality and women’s sports, which has had a tremendous impact on this advancement, is the implementation of Title IX. As a law that prohibits any discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded education programs, Title IX is a key component of the foundations of female athletic compliance within today’s youth.

Here is an infographic created by Ohio University’s prestigious athletic administration program, which illustrates the importance of Title IX on women’s equality in sports and where they are today. While women only received 2% of college athletic budgets in 1972, by 2010 they received 40% of budgets thanks to Title IX.

Below is the full infograph

Additionally, the theme of this year’s National Girls and Women in Sports day is ‘Leading the Way’ which is perfectly captured by this infographic through recognizing women who have paved the way for all women in sports and inspired younger generations to follow suit. It also illustrates the challenges that women have had to overcome and the inequalities they still face. For example, while women coached more than 90% of NCAA women’s teams in 1972 (time of Title IX), that number dropped to about 43% by 2012.

Infographic below:


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