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Coaching in the USA

Fancy coaching in the USA?

USIT is giving anyone between the ages of 18-33, with a passion for soccer, the chance to go to the US and coach soccer whilst also having the opportunity to travel. On USIT’s Soccer USA programme you will spend between 6-13 weeks in the summer working as a soccer coach for young kids in different cities around America.

Each week the coaches move to a different location, which gives them a great opportunity to visit several cities around the US and experience the American culture.

Last year, Maynooth University student, Moe Bukhatwa reported that one of his main highlights was

“moving around the States and staying with different host families because you get to see different people and different places.”

Meals and accommodation are also included in the programme as host families with kids in the soccer camps put you up.

After your coaching contract has ended, you have 30 days to travel and explore the US.

Ian, from Dublin, describes the experience as:

“One of the best if not the best summers that I have ever had!” and raved about how “rewarding it is when you see one of the kids perfect a cross-field pass or a Cruyff turn you have just coached them”.

How Do I Get Hired?

To get hired as a soccer coach you need to pass a coaching assessment. You don’t need to be a brilliant player or a college student, just show you’ve got enthusiasm to do the job and will work well with kids. There are free assessment days coming up in Cork, Limerick, Galway and Dublin in November. If you are successful, you will be offered the job on the day.

What Do I Earn?

The programme fee is €999 and that includes return flights, insurance, work papers, accommodation, meals, Garda vetting fee, coaching kit etc


To find out more contact Gary on 01-602 1650 or go to Coaching in the USA


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