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How to develop Speed & Acceleration

Without doubt, one of the greatest concerns among today’s athletes and coaches in all sports is how to improve Speed and Power. The workshop will focus on developing Speed and Acceleration for multi-directional sports, covering the theory, coaching methodology and practical demonstrations.  This 1 day workshop is for both coaches and athletes who want to learn how to develop and coach Speed.

No matter what your starting point you can always get faster!

Speed and quickness are skills that can be taught and not just something you were born with. By using a number of specialised acceleration training techniques and football specific conditioning protocols, which stimulate both the muscular and the nervous system, athletes can improve their speed, agility, acceleration and power. These techniques have been used with academy and professional football teams in the UK and Europe with great success in injury prevention and multidirectional speed development.           

Did you know?

65% of footballers over the age of 13 are slower turning on one side than the other, by up to 0.65 of a second.

Many footballers can improve their speed and quickness just by correcting their running biomechanics.

Reactive Speed can be improved by up to 30% with the correct training in just four weeks.

If youngsters don’t acquire the basic movement skills by the age of 12 then they will very rarely make professional footballers

Speed Workshop Agenda

1 Day course

1. Theory Presentation 

  • Biomechanics of multidirectional sport
  • How to develop Speed & Acceleration
  • Long term athlete development
  • When & How to train?
  • The Importance of functional movement
  • Case Studies
  • Question & Answer session

2. Practical session –

  • Running Bionechancis
  • Dynamic Movement Skills
  • Quickness
  • Turning Ability
  • Acceleration & Deceleration

3. Q&A


5. Practical session 

  • Explosiveness
  • Speed Development
  • Strength & Power

6. Question & Answer Session – Finish at 5.30pm 


When: Saturday 7th December

Time: Start 12.30 – Finish 5.30pm

Cost: €25

Location: NDSL Academy – Oscar Traynor Coaching & Development Centre

Oscar Traynor Road – Coolock D17


Mobile: 087 218 3837

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