Neymar staying Injury Free

Apr 12, 11 Neymar staying Injury Free

Neymar Focuses on Injury Prevention

Neymar, who has been a professional player since the age of 17 retraces the path of technical and physical maturation, from as early an age as possible. His game is abundantly filled with speed and dribbling, and, although not endowed with a muscular physique (as critical mass), the player of Santos and the Brazilian national team stay match fit and healthy. Neymar gained 4 pounds (lbs) of muscle mass since the arrival of new training staff at Santos. The increase in muscle mass has improved his endurance and allows him to continue executing his moves with agility and speed. The fat percentage of a footballer is 6% (average),one of the lowest among high performance athletes, especially knowing that 4 kilograms (kg) of (lean) body masswere gained.

Injury Prevention

Another important way to prevent injury is a player’s own experience in the field, and because of his capability and attacking threat, Neymar has been confronted with more opposition from defence. With his speed and agility he is able avoid challenges of physical pressure and tackles from his opponents and thereby decreasing the risk of injury.

“At Santos we have a good technical staff, which includes a physiotherapy, physiology- fitness specialist and nutritionist, who all work closely with the players. When it comes to training Neymar is a true professional, and during the days after a game, he is the first to appear in physio’s room for stretching, massage, icebaths and other treatments. He knows what he has to do to stay in shape and is very professional about it. ‘He is also very concerned about the nutritional aspect, with supplements and does everything he needs to do to stay fit,” said Avelino Buongermino, The Club Physiotherapist.

Article from: Soccer Coaching

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