We need your IDEAS!

I’m planning to send out a survey on the ‘Future of Youth Football’ in Ireland and need your help. I want to know any ideas you have and based on these ideas, we will send out a questionnaire to see what people really want. This is what will happen: If you had a blank canvas, what would you do? Tell me about your...

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NDSL open to change

The NDSL want a Gathering was the message on the front of the Striker on Monday. Once again the NDSL highlight their desire for change and this time asking other leagues to get involved. A welcome gesture by Tony Gains Hon. Secretary/C.E.O of the North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League. I spoke with Tony the day after ‘The...

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Happy New Year Everyone

Dec 31, 12 Happy New Year Everyone

Posted by in The Coach Diary

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. This last one has convinced me even more, that change is a good thing and that their is nothing wrong with it, once it’s in the right direction. To all the great people out there, educating kids and providing them with knowledge and inspiring them to be better players and...

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Younge People of Ireland

Jul 06, 11 Younge People of Ireland

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A complete review of the structures and organisations of youth soccer in this country should be conducted by the FAI ASAP. It’s time for more Innovative, Younger, Experienced, Trained and Academic peoples to take over the running of our game. For too long we have sat back and listened to morons week after week in our Clubs,...

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