Younge People of Ireland

Jul 06, 11 Younge People of Ireland

A complete review of the structures and organisations of youth soccer in this country should be conducted by the FAI ASAP.

It’s time for more Innovative, Younger, Experienced, Trained and Academic peoples to take over the running of our game. For too long we have sat back and listened to morons week after week in our Clubs, Leagues and certain members of SFAI tell us how the game should be run. This game belongs to the kids not the adults, you were asked to supervise and organise not RUN the kids game with adult ideas and notions.

You been at this for way to long..

The problem with these people is that they are so far removed from the game; do they know what an  7 or 8 years needs and wants. Do you think a child wants to travel half way across Dublin or other areas to play a game that he/she may only get 5 minutes of playing time, which consists of running after a ball whilst screaming coaches and parents call out various instructions, do you?

Have you even walked soccer parks on a Saturday or Sunday morning and if you have why aren’t you doing anything about it?  Are you aware of the level of abuse children are receiving on our soccer pitches every week, in training etc?

Why DO the same people control soccer in this country, why do the same people sit on committees for years and years with NO vision, NO goals, NO Mission, No Forward Thinking Ideas?

The problem with committees in Irish soccer is that they’re usually made up of MEN over the age of 60, who in my mind are mostly unfit and unwilling to make change!  It was 52 years ago when they were 8, how can they possibly understand…

Where are the reports?

What reports have been done for Irish Youth Soccer, when was the last report done about the state of our game and some of these people decisions on controlling how the kids game should be structured.

Continue with the leagues structures and the inappropriate age games i.e playing  11v11 before age 13, the winning at all cost attitude which start at the younger ages with the introduction of leagues by the administrators; keep going with your brainless ideas and attitude that “all coaches want leagues at the younger ages” its detrimental to our game and we will only produce a handful of talent, talent that was born to play not trained to play.

The success of youth coaches should not be judged on the numbers of victories but on the number of players they are able to develop each season to become members of their senior or representative squad. On a long term developing will always outplay winning.

“ When you do what you have done always, you will never reach any further” (Horst Wein)

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