A Healthy Philosophy of Winning

An important issue requiring clarification is the difference between professional and developmental models of sport. Professional sport is a huge commercial enterprise, where the major objectives are directly linked to their status in the entertainment industry. The goals of professional sports are to entertain and to make money....

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Coach John Wooden

Feb 17, 21 Coach John Wooden

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“Essentially, I was always more of a practice coach than a game coach. This is because of my conviction that a player who practices well, plays well.” – Coach John Wooden Coach John Wooden Training was where Wooden always felt he really made the difference to his teams. Each day before training Wooden and his...

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Perfect Practice

Jul 11, 14 Perfect Practice

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One practice at a time but making that practice a perfect practice (doing to best of our ability) every time your practice. With that practice or session the aim is to improve, the aim is to get better. When we think about practice how many of us are improving each and every-time. How many of us just go through the motions, like...

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A great poem about A kids first game

Mar 20, 14 A great poem about A kids first game

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I found this poem about a Kids First Game: You Can Download it Here> This is your first game Please support the campaign, to help improve participation in Kids Sports.   You can Sign up for the Silent Sideline Weekend SATURDAY 29th & SUNDAY 30th March 2014 Fill out my online form. Fill out my Wufoo form! ====  ...

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The Coach Diary Quotes & Much More..

Oct 29, 13 The Coach Diary Quotes & Much More..

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I’m starting this post, to share my quotes and opinions with you. All of them are inspired by other coaches, comment and posts from the blog. Please feel free to use, share or even add to them. These quotes are written with the intention to keep me inspired each and every time I coach. I hope you too get some inspiration from...

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