Coach John Wooden

Feb 17, 21 Coach John Wooden

“Essentially, I was always more of a practice coach than a game coach. This is because of my conviction that a player who practices well, plays well.” – Coach John Wooden

Coach John Wooden

Training was where Wooden always felt he really made the difference to his teams. Each day before training Wooden and his assistants would spend near to two hours planning the day’s session. The planning would sometimes last longer than the session itself. Once done, the notes for that session would be made on a small card that he carried in his pocket.

Not only did this keep them handy, but he could also write down extra notes during the session as things developed.After practice, he would transfer all his notes into another notebook.

His notebooks were an essential part of his coaching toolkit, and he would add notes after games as well.Your practice sessions are the most important part of the week.

Make them count!


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