Irish Kids disappoint the worlds best Academy coaches..

The reality is that our kids are far less superior to our Iberian neighbours and why? Well the game in Europe is age appropriate and the focus is to develop the kids technically, allowing more touches of the ball and encouraging them to express themselves by taking risks and being spontaneous. They want the kids to enjoy the game...

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Horst is back this Friday 30 September

THE YOUTH FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT MODEL OF THE FUTURE With Horst Wein Friday 30th September and Saturday 1st October or Sunday 2nd October White Sands Hotel, Portmarnock (and Portmarnock AFC all-weather pitch) To find out more and REGISTER for this  event just visit: If you have any further...

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Come see for yourself

Aug 04, 11 Come see for yourself

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Next Saturday and Sunday 13/14th August, The Beautiful Game is hosting a Football Festival to give teams a taster of the non-league playing formats as recommended by Horst Wein in his YOUTH FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT MODEL. The event to be held in Portmarnock AFC at Paddy’s Hill (which is very near the PSLC where the seminar was held)....

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Indiscutibles Reyes Del Mundo

Aug 01, 11 Indiscutibles Reyes Del Mundo

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Living in Portugal for many years, going to Spain was always something to look forward to. At least once every summer we would head off by car across the Portuguese Spanish boarder destination Badajoz. Which is situated close to the Portuguese border along the Madrid/Lisbon railway line. It over looks the river Guadiana and the town...

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