Coach Education with Mark O’Sullivan

I’m delighted to announce that I will be holding an event in Dublin 15 on Monday 02 March 8pm with Uefa A Coach Mark O’Sullivan @markstkhlm AIK: Player+coach dev+mentor. District Coach Educator. Coach Ed consult. PhD research. This is a complimentary event (VENUE: St Mochtas Parish Centre next door to Castleknock...

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Worth Every Bit of Your Time!

Mar 12, 14 Worth Every Bit of Your Time!

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Recent research suggest that the reason some kids don’t participate in sports is because they can’t move properly. Our kids are not moving enough and when they do, it’s not very much and it’s definitely not multi directional. Back pain is no longer just an issue amongst elder, more and more kids are suffering...

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Grassroots Team Building – By Footblogball

Apr 10, 13 Grassroots Team Building – By Footblogball

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NOT ALL CHILDREN WILL BECOME ELITE ATHLETES BUT ONE THING IS CERTAIN , ALL CHILDREN WILL BECOME ADULTS AND HEREIN LIES OUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE AND RESPONSIBILITY. “ Youth Sport Coaching is a complex and multidimensional where the coach can be expected to assume many different roles. Instructor , teacher , trainer , motivator ,...

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The One that “nearly” got away

Sep 06, 12 The One that “nearly” got away

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Piece taken from Elias Lindberg is a 16 year old Swedish footballer  from Stockholm who  so far has had a very interesting career that brings to the surface many questions about talent Identification , what is talent ? and how should we as coaches nurture the players development.Elias now...

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Using a high pressure game…

My good friend and Coach Mark O’Sullivan from footblogball in Sweden recently post some game analysis on his YOUTUBE page. I picked this up and then asked him, to explain… “We played one of the better teams(ie taller than us 😉 ) in Stockholm last week and we beat them 6-0!!! Their manager was a bit in shock but...

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