Using a high pressure game…

Nov 17, 11 Using a high pressure game…

My good friend and Coach Mark O’Sullivan from footblogball in Sweden recently post some game analysis on his YOUTUBE page. I picked this up and then asked him, to explain…

“We played one of the better teams(ie taller than us 😉 ) in Stockholm last week and we beat them 6-0!!! Their manager was a bit in shock but was very gracious and very  positive as to how we played the game. We decided to go for an aggressive high press for the first half and try and win the ball as high up the pitch as possible”.

BOO FF v VASALUND 1st half

[media id=19]

“We played a high pressure 4-3-3 for the first time during this game. We worked on it in training plus the dynamic transition between defence and attack .We played à slightly lower press in the 2 nd half as we were winning 2-0 . This frustrated them into doing hurried passes in the middle of the park where we broke up the play and tried as quickly as possible to get behind there defensive line making them face their own goal”.

BOO FF v VASALUND 2nd half

[media id=20]

Mark also send me a pdf of some of the players movements and phases of play during the 1st half.

pdf »BOO FF v Vasalund

Thanks Mark, great stuff

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