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Let Us Play – How adults are damaging kids sports

Feb 18, 16 Let Us Play – How adults are damaging kids sports

Posted by in Coaching, Soccer Parents

A fascinating and extremely informative podcast from BBC 5 live Sport. Please share this with coaches and parents at your club. Includes tips from psychologists and stories from pushy, competitive parents and much more… How much pressure is too much? Olympian Karen Pickering delves into the world of children’s sport and...

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Ten rules for parents from 1974

Aug 28, 15 Ten rules for parents from 1974

Posted by in Coaching, Soccer Parents

I got this information Glenn Mulcahy and it seems not much has changed in terms of parents involvement in their child’s sport. “Ten rules for parents of athletes” below written by Lloyd Percival, a coach in Canada during the 50’s and 60’s who worked with numerous athletes who became national champions...

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Coach the Parent: What to expect!

Sep 25, 14 Coach the Parent: What to expect!

Posted by in Irish Grassroots Football

One thing I’ve learnt about coaching kids is to keep parents informed on team rules but don’t get too close it may backfire at some stage. Believe it or not 99% of parents are workable and don’t get involved. To make things work for you, training the parents early on sets the standard going forward. The parents...

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A Message To Parents

Feb 19, 14 A Message To Parents

Posted by in Soccer Parents

Watching your children not playing is so challenging. It can be harder on you than it is on them. Don’t make it worse by living below the surface through rage, back-stabbing the coach, talking negative about the training or other players, and even filling the house with bitterness. Your words can be an even heavier burden....

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Our Children Have NO Freedom

Our kids can no longer play with the freedom we played with. In fact, I believe our kids will never have the freedom we had as kids. Milk Run When I was 6/7, I use to help the milk man. I’d leave my house at 6.45am and head off with a man unknown to my parents, – well they knew him as the milk man, his first name and...

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Parents should be seen and not heard…!

Jan 08, 13 Parents should be seen and not heard…!

Posted by in Psychology, Soccer Parents

We all have them and we all hate them (joke). Some of us have left teamsĀ becauseĀ of them and others have even had them banned from the club. Yes, PARENTS, that’s who I’m taking about, the ones that rant and rage all game long (not all). The worst offenders are ego-driven parents who take personally any slights to their...

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