TCD have teamed up with Tactx to offer YOU…

Feb 06, 12 TCD have teamed up with Tactx to offer YOU…

Brought to you by UEFA Training GroundTactX is the revolutionary subscription based on-line coaching software which produces realistic 3D animations generated from motion capture software. With a TactX subscription you can create training drills & practice sessions, plan formations & set plays using an intuitive control system. Text annotation can be added to emphasis key coaching points and drills can be viewed from multiple camera angles.

Click here to view how TactX is being used in the Premiership

Click here to view TactX being used on FourFourTwo Performance


Subscribers also have access to TactX Board which allows them to communicate their animated sessions with players and colleagues.  Group areas can be created, such as First Team, Under 19s, Under 17s etc and populated with e-mail details for all relevant group members.  TactX Animations, diagrams and images can then be posted on your TactX Board page and the link shared with your groups via password protected e-mail links.

Click here to view an example post to players using TactX Board. (Password required is tactX)


TactX Animations can also be converted to Video Files with purchase of a TactX Video Exporter which offers further user benefits.  TactX Video files can be viewed out-with the TactX software, inserted into offline presentations or even  displayed on portable devices such as  iPhone or iPad. Users who wish to post their TactX Animations on websites or use in commercial projects can also apply for a TactX publishing licence.

Click here to download the latest TactX Features Demo as a MP4 Video file.


TactX provides the coach with a modern method of communication to help with their own personal development and of that of their players.

**Extended Limited Offer for The Coach subscribers

Contact TactX Development Executive, Steven Hastie using the details below and quote “TCD TactX” to purchase an annual TactX subscription for only €99 (27c per day)saving 10% against standard subscription costs.


This offer is valid until 31st December 2011 and is made possible through UEFA’s commitment to coach education and player development.

You must mention The Coach QUOTE……. “TCD TactX


Steven Hastie

T.+44 (0)1224 217390

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