The Tosh Farrell Workshop

Jun 28, 13 The Tosh Farrell Workshop

I was at the Tosh Farrell seminar the other night, which was very good. What was disappointing was the practical part of the workshop. Tosh arrives out on the pitch and has to ask attendees to step in and be players.

Like most people, I was not dressed for playing football as I came straight from work. I’ve been to many FAI Coaches Association courses before and every time the coaches attending, have to step in to be the players. The courses for the Football Festival were all held at the AUL, so organising players should not have been a problem. I can name at least 5 clubs who are within a ten minute drive and would be only be delighted to provide players, so why does this have to happen every-time! We want our kids getting more time on the training pitch and yet when a vastly experienced coach comes to Ireland, we offer him 30+ year old men for him to work with. Surely we can do better then this.

A quick look at the attendee list some days prior to the workshop and ask the relevant clubs. Most FAI, RDO’s work closely with teams, no excuse really. The session Tosh was trying to put on was adapted for youth players not 30+ year old men with no balance and limited coordination, in work attire. (No disrespect to the men who stepped in and fair play for doing so). His time coaching would have been much more enjoyable with young players progressing through the session. It was ‘Father Ted’ stuff! Note to oneself, if you’re ever bringing over an established coach, make sure he has players to work with.

Apart from that, the session progressed well and Tosh is clearly passionate about developing the technical aspect of the player. I will have a full interview with Tosh, to post in the coming weeks.

Tosh’s Coach Development

Tosh’s Program is based on trying to improve your coaching knowledge and technique through in-person and virtual modes of learning. Whether you are a novice coach looking to learn how to prepare for a practice session, or if you are an experienced coach looking for additional accreditation, you can now take advantage of the Tosh Farrell Soccer Methodology

Check out his website here: Tosh Farrell Soccer

Well-done to the Coaches Association on putting on the Coaching Festival, for anyone interested in coaches there was certainly a lot on offer. The more workshops will see like these the better for everyone.

Session Details added 31/7/13

Tosh Farrell – Playing Through The Gaps

FAI Tosh Farrell Coaching Presentation (June 2013)

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