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“We can offer more”

I had originally posted this on Facebook.
“The absolute cheek of a coach from ‘you know where’ to approach one of our players directly after the final whistle and suggest he join them, as they can offer him more, to quote “Trials in UK”. The child is TWELVE,, Let me tell you something MR., I am 100x the teacher of the game, mentor and life coach you will ever be and to insult my club and all the volunteers who work hard for it, by suggesting we can’t assist in the development of children, is absolutely disgusting. However, after speaking to you, unaware of the fact that you had gone behind my back and approached our player, I don’t expect anything less from an imbecile like you. Ps the next time you send members of your club over to our side of the pitch and continually stare at our kids, I’ll take this further. Development of players is much more than erroneous promises”.
Some replies suggested, I name and shame and asked of the location of events? 
” No point in saying, most can guess. It was down at Kells. I don’t want this to turn into witch hunt. I just wanted to highlight the fact its completely and utterly wrong to approach children like that, even if its within the so called rules. Not forgetting that there are plenty of great coaches working and doing fantastic things with community clubs all across Ireland. Working with kids is much than teaching them about the game”.
To Conclude
I watched a documentary about depression in football and its scary to think that it can begin at a very young age and its all related to winning and losing, achieving success, false hopes and the pressure of being a professional in the game. If youth clubs weren’t motivated by MONEY, kids would be allowed enjoy the game without pressure and focus more on fun and their schooling. Ultimately that should be the number one goal. Football is a short career, 15 to 20 years and many leave the game with little or no Education or experience of real life.

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