Great Win for Ireland

Jun 07, 11 Great Win for Ireland

Great win for the boys in Green, we defended well and if only we can learn to keep the ball better who knows!

Last few weeks have been great for the boys in green. At 24 Simon Cox is really starting to look like a handy player and we have plenty decent lads in the squad now.

Well done Trap and to all the players that bothered to show up, none of them looked out of place! Italy are very average but we didn’t allow them any real chances at all.

Keep the Ball

I just wish we would try and keep the ball better and  move a little more when we have it. We are giving the ball away a little to cheaply and better teams will punish us if we continue doing that. At this level they should be able to keep the ball better and considering their was no real pressure from Italy, trying to win it back.

Italy are 9th in the world we are currently 34th, we should move up with this result….

Great result, tho!

Good win for Brian Kerr Faroes against Estonia

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