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Dec 04, 11 Local football Business

Below is a list of football business I have come across in the last year and who have helped me in some way or another!


They are made of PVC with a terelyne sock inside which encases another tube of PVC, a system the many Armies use for their dinghies. Carried one-handed in a kit-bag, the goals are pumped up with an integral net – the goals come with a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE. Robust enough for competitive play but made of lightweight material to help avoid injury.

  1. It can take up to 25 minutes of valuable lesson time to set-up and dismantle other portable  soccer goals
  2. There is never enough storage facilities for other goals.
  3. Need to cut short the lesson at the end of your sessions to put equipment away so that children can go to next lesson or go home!
  4. When posts are taken down in the summer what do older teams use for posts during training?
  5. Wear out your goalmouths because you can’t move larger goals around and end up with mud!?

The good news on this which every PE teacher and coach wants to hear are answered by IGOAL!

  1. Goals take less than 5 minutes to build – so unpack, pump up and play football – it really is that easy!
  2. Portability and storage is made easier – you can fit multiple goals in shed or even boot of a car!
  3. No need to waste valuable coaching time – everyone goes home quicker!
  4. There is no longer a need to use cones for goalposts – you can play football anywhere, anytime with these goals!
  5. Not anymore because we can do shooting practice anywhere into full size goals that are easily portable


Using the same patented unique rigid air technology as iGoal the newly launchediLite offers easy to use portable floodlighting – the future of sports lighting but also suitable for use by emergency services and construction sector.

No wiring, generators, just carry the light in its bag to where you need it – or use the hand held lighting house as a torch to guide your way. LEDs are also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We recommend that you use minimum of 4 preferably 6 units to illuminate a 60m x40m mini soccer pitch.

Click here to bring you to their website →Igoals

Classics TeamWear

Classics were born in 2001, the brainchild of two ‘serious’ amatuer tennis players. Starting out as a supplier as high end wear for tennis players Classics has since expanded its product line to serve the needs of players of other sports.While Tennis wear and accessories still make a large part of Classic’s sales, the core today’s business is the supply of sports teams, mainly football . Strong points: Quailty control of all product details, high quailty/price ratio, quick leadtimes.

Classic are also bringing in High Quality football boots → Zeus Sports

For more information please Email classicssportswear@gmail.com  or call 085 8866005
Click here to bring you to their website →Classics Teamwear


Phoenix Embroidery in November 2010. Since then Phoenix Embroidery has grown rapidly to become a leading embroidery and supplier of sportswear, corporate clothing, and Pennants and Badges.

Click here to bring you to their website→Phoenix Embroidery

Terrific Trophies

Are 100% Irish owned and specialise in selling football trophies at discount prices.  They cut out the retailer by selling direct to you the final consumer.  There trophies are of the highest quality and our prices are the most competitive in Ireland due to our low over-head costs. .

Contact them @ sales@terrifictrophies.ie or Click here to bring you to their website→Terrific Trophies

If you have a football business you want me to advertise get in touch!

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