Players Pledge

Sep 04, 14 Players Pledge

Last week it was the parent’s turn to take the pledge and be a supportive parent. Responsibility also falls on the players to commit to their game, do the best they can possible do and respect the opposition, their fellow players and the officials.

“When I grew up, it was children competing against children. Now, more often than not, it’s adults competing against other adults through their children.” – John O’Sullivan 

Kids can provide a positive attitude and be a honourable participator.

I pledge to have a positive attitude and to do my very best each and every time I play sports:

  1. I will be a good sportsperson and respect my fellow players, coaches, officials, parents and the opposition.
  2. I will arrive on time to training and games.
  3. I will do my best in training and not miss a session when it is reasonably possible.
  4. I will make sure if I’m missing training or a game, my parents notify the coach at all times.
  5. If I train I will expect to receive a fair and equal amount of playing time.
  6. I will always treat people with respect, including my fellow players; coaches and parents. I will expect the same from them.
  7. I will always play with a smile and have fun and will notify parents or coaches if it stops being fun.
  8. I deserve to play in a healthy, safe and friendly environment and I expect adults to make sure my wish is respected.
  9. I will encourage my parents to come to my game and support me in a positive way. I want to make them proud of me today.
  10. I will do my very best in school. I know that sport is very important part of growing up and I also know that education is even more important.
  11. I will wear my club colours with pride and make sure I always have my full kit in training and on match day.
  12. I will play in any position my coach asks me to play in. I will put my team first and give 100% effort every time.

“When a kids plays sport the most important thing is that they have a good time, having fun is one way of making sure of that” – TCD

DOWNLOAD TCD Player’s Pledge, sign it and give it to your coach. 

Have a wonderful season playing sport.

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