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Seven Soccer Skills by Trevor McMullin

I recently got a copy of this book by former footballer Trevor McMullan, which takes a very simple approach to teach boys and girls the seven essential techniques of the football – whilst having fun along the way.

A Footballs Guide For Parents, Coaches and Young Players: 

The book has a section in each chapter dedicated to parents, coaches and young players and the book’s structure gives readers a clear understanding of their roles along the way.

In 2017, FIFA made changes to the laws of football. Seven Soccer Skills incorporates these changes into the popular “You’re the Ref!” feature – a fun and challenging way to learn the laws of the game. Trevor had used his wealth of experience, both as a coach and as a player, to provide “a valuable resource of tips and helpful information for players, parents and coaches.

Seven Soccer Skills supports the ethos of Let The kids Play which is also the Irish Football Association’s youth football strategy, which as we know strives to create a fun, safe and inclusive culture, thus inspiring a lifelong love of the game.

About Trevor

Trevor McMullan gained his first coaching qualification with the Irish FA at the age of 19. He continued to work his way up the coaching ladder, obtaining a UEFA Pro Licence in 2007. Throughout his 20-year playing career Trevor clocked up more than 750 games in the Irish League. He played with distinction for Ballymena United (three separate occasions), Larne, Glenavon, Coleraine, Crusaders, Linfield, Newry and Armagh City.

Trevor mentioned that: “This book came about as a result of years of experience teaching young football players and coaches. Attempting to get parents, young players and coaches to understand each other’s role in the development of the young player always seemed a challenge.

“The trigger came one day when watching a boys’ under-10 match in a local park. I heard a team manager tell a young player, who was about to take a throw-in, to ‘throw the ball down the line’. “

I thought to myself ‘why can this young player not think and decide for himself and where, on display, are the skills associated with a throw-in that the young player and his team-mates should have been taught in training?’. This question started the process of writing this book, which took three years to complete.”

What The Book Covers: 

The first part of the book covers the characters, initial exercises, how to choose your first club, and football’s seven basic techniques and skills: passing, dribbling, shooting, controlling, heading, goalkeeping and tackling. The second part analyses these techniques using cartoons, pictures and diagrams – a vital source of insights and tips and a great way to capture the attention and imagination.

The final part teaches young players how to be original at throw-ins and corner kicks, how to prepare for training and matches, how to get into tip-top shape, and how other games can improve their footballing talent.

With glowing testimonials from Michael O’Neill, international football manager, and Keith Gillespie, former professional with Manchester United and Newcastle United, Seven Soccer Skills is the perfect reference for everyone involved in the development of young football players.

I highly recommend this book for your child or husband or wife or even as a present for the teams coach.

Seven Soccer Skills is available on Amazon UK. Northern Irish League clubs have also agreed to stock the book and it’s also a coaching resource with the Irish FA.

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