Think Poland…..!

Nov 24, 11 Think Poland…..!

With only a week to go before the EURO 2012 draw, if we all think hard about getting Group A so that we are based in Wrocław for all 3 games, we really don’t want to be moving cities for different games and being in Pot 4 if we get GA we will be the only team that gets to stay in the same city!

At second best Group C with 2 matches in Poznan and 1 in Gdansk for the last group game. If we get Group B, that’s 2 games in Lviv and the last one in Kharkiv and then Group D is Kiev, Donetsk and then Kiev again….way to much travelling we don’t want that!

Even as group runner up we get to stay in Poland…

So big thoughts guys “What you think about can come about” We don’t want Ukraine….

Wrocław here we come…..!

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