Irish Grassroots Football

To big to soon……but never too late!

Just 2 weeks into the organised kids football season and it already its quite evident that u12s football should not be played on adults pitches with enormous goals. On average a player it getting about 12 touches of the ball per game and this is nowhere near enough for any child to develop into a gifted technical football.

Negative – into a Positive +

A negative could be turned into a positive and the League who are playing 11v11 at u12s could even experiment by researching a team at every single level from Top to bottom; this could be easily implemented and I’m sure clubs would have no problem helping out with this bit of research. (I for one wouldn’t)

And when we are found to be correct, the narrowed minded people who can’t see beyond their own administration and who think that u12s (10 and 11 year old) should be playing 11v11……….might eventually open up that narrow

and unintelligent mind to see that the reason successful footballing nations are so successful is because they play age appropriate organised sports on pitches……..with balls…….that kids can actually relate too and where keepers don’t feel beaten even before they have left the house.

One day…..these “fruit flies” will see sense and make the changes are country school boy leagues so badly demand…We can’t continue to driven on grit and determination alone!, we need to start developing technically sound players, ones that are comfortable on the ball.

“I don’t need to mention our national team….”

Make the change we so desperately need…

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