Whats the role of a Coach?

Apr 29, 15 Whats the role of a Coach?

Last week I posted on Facebook Your role as a coach and added the following:

  • Be organised;
  • Be knowledgeable;
  • Be on time;
  • Be prepared;
  • Be presentable;
  • Be approachable;
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be fair;
  • Be a good Communicator;
  • Be respectful;

I then asked, what would you add, starting with Be….? I got a great response and have now added others input. See pic attached.

Added to the role are:

  • Be understanding
  • Be early
  • Be realistic
  • Be listening
  • Be patient
  • Be receptive
  • Be constructive
  • Be in charge
  • Be supportive
  • Be a role model


I always like to hear your opinions. Please comment below or email me info@thecoachdiary.com, if you don’t have anything to add then please forward this on to a friend.

Thanks for reading. I’m also on twitter @Coachdiary

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