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I know with the end of school craziness that all of us are dealing with these days you may have missed my last few emails about the “Coaching Mastery” Free video series put on by John O’Sullivan of the Changing the Game Project. You have probably read many of Johns articles or seen his TED talk on youth sports, and hopefully you have been watching these great videos he has been putting out.

So far the course has taught us some incredible ways to get our players to compete harder and play better, as well as how to deal with those difficult parents who can drive you nuts. There are literally thousands of coaches watching this series right now, and everyone is picking up some amazing tips.

Today he is releasing his third video in the series on “The Secret Sauce of Winning Programs.” In it John will be teaching us about the things that great teams do that average ones don’t, and he will be interviewing a sport psychologist who has been part of 34 NCAA National Champion teams on building championship cultures. I saw this interview last year, and it is brilliant

John will be pulling these videos down in a few days, and you won’t be able to see them again until next year, so if you haven’t already signed up and watched them, do so now.

You can get them for free by clicking here

I highly recommend you watch these videos and join the discussion before they are down, because I don’t believe you will find this type of in-dept coaching education anywhere else.

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