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Mar 11, 15 Football Fitness Feature

Check out the guys at Copa90 

There are many important attributes needed to play football to a good standard. Technique, tactical understanding, and love for the game are all absolutely vital. However, as you go up the leagues, a larger emphasis is placed upon the physical part of the game. Tactical and technical coaching is necessary to become the best player you can be, but there is always more physical training that you can do independently not only improve your performances on the pitch, but also improve your health off it, helping you extend your playing career.

With this in mind, here is a football fitness video from popular youtube football channel Copa90’. The boys at Copa90 aim to help out football fans and football players as much as possible in any way they can, and they teamed up with youtube fitness channel ‘TheLeanMachines’ to help you take your physical training and ability to the next level.

Check out their video ‘Get Hinch Like Ronaldo’


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