‘Everything You Need to Know about fitness is wrong’

Jun 26, 14 ‘Everything You Need to Know about fitness is wrong’

So much going around about strength and conditioning, it’s hard to know what is right or wrong. but ultimately it goes back to 5 key lifting activities. I always wondered how these prisoners got so fit. No specialised equipment, no gimmicks, no late-night infomercial tchotchkes, no gym membership. They don’t even have dumbbells. It’s just them. In a room. With endless potential….. for sure the results they achieve in such a small space, is because of hard work. Daniel Duane has some interesting views on the 5 key lifting activities that will shape you and provide the greatest return for you effort. 

Here Are Some Of The Key Points:

  • Men’s Journal author Daniel Duane provides an interesting and provocative commentary on “getting fit”, you can listen to the CaptainU podcast below. Some of his points are:
  • The gym is your enemy- best to work with free weights on the periphery of the gym and avoid the various machines highlighted in the middle
  • Five key lifting activities will provide the greatest return for your effort: squat, deadlift, pushup, pullup, bench press
  • You can lift and train far less often than you think, as long as you are smart about using the key lifts. 3 days a week, 45 to 60 minutes.
  • No matter the sport, ignore strength at your own peril
  • Once you start and continue with this type of training you’ll develop the freedom to train yourself for life

Daniel Duane wrote an outstanding article for Men’s Journal in 2010 highlighting his journey through the world of fitness and personal training. I highly recommend you listen to the podcast from CaptainU below, and for additional background read the original article from Men’s Journal.  The podcast is specifically focused on gaining muscle strength and in the article he covers other aspects of fitness.

One key aspect I’d like to point out for our young athletes that we’ve written about before: the young athlete must have proper form from the start in order to minimize the chances of injury to growing bones and joints.  While Mr. Duane believes a good personal trainer can be invaluable in teaching proper form, he also acknowledges that these really good trainers are hard to find. My best advice to you is to ask around in your youth sports community about excellent trainers, then do your research on specific qualifications and experience working with young athletes.  Enjoy the podcast!

Daniel Duane PODCAST

Content thanks to Dev K. Mishra, M.D. – President, Sideline Sports Doc (Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University)


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