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Recently former Manchester City Coach Raymond Verheijen was in Sydney Australia giving talks on” Football fitness, Football and Periodisation” at a FIFA Pro License course.

Lets go over the essentials :”Players  should use all training time to play football & learn to make the right decisions & not waste time running around the pitch”.

Football should no longer be strangled by non-football fitness coaches who run players into the ground and spoil football time.A lot of fitness coaches & sport scientists from outside football try to make us believe that conditioning is rocket science. By using academic words & concepts they make football unnecessarily complicated in an attempt to make football coaches depend on them.

Policy of Australian FA: From 2015 fitness coaches can only work in Australian football if they have the ‘Football Conditioning Diploma’

By Footblogball

Raymond Verheijen published a book called Complete Handbook of Conditioning for Soccer in 1998, he is currently the Welsh National side fitness coach.

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