Irish Grassroots Football

I don’t get it!!

Went to see an u11s DDSL premier game today.

We play 9v9 in Ireland and on the basis of that game this morning, which was a so called top team versus a mid table team, we definitely should not be playing 9V9 at u11s. 7V7 or even 8v8 is a more appropriate game for these kids.

One team had most of the possession and at times tried to play ball, but due to the numbers and size of the pitch it was almost impossible to string more then 4 passes together before it broke down. The other team, never once played from the back and the centre half took all the goal kicks, which were hit route one.

If these kids were playing on a smaller pitch with less players then they would have not choice but to play from the back and they would get plenty more touches of the ball. (Also we could adopt the rules so that they had to play out for the back)

The Argument

This argument has being going on way to long now and its about time the SFAI got the finger out and started restructering the game so that it is age appropriate. The FAI really should be demanding change to coincide with Europe.

I think its time we set-up a group not a committee for adopting changes to the game. Youth Soccer Ireland or something like that.

Let me know your thoughts?

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