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It’s Our Turn To Talk

Our hands say many things about us,  Remember, when as a child we would write things that we didn’t want to forget on our hands, – these messages were important to us as they had significant meaning. Science shows that your brain works differently when literally writing something, and recent studies, show that kids learn more effectively when actually forming words with a pen or pencil. Thats way we feel it just as important to write your feelings down.

‘It’s our turn to talk’ 

We are always asking our players to communicate with each other on the pitch, however I have noticed over the last few years in coaching that it is virtually impossible for a child to communicate if 5/6 adults are screaming instructions at him or her. Support the Silent Sideline Weekend

We are looking for kids who play sport to start communicating how they really feel about participating. How they really feel about all the instruction they get from adults each and every weekend. We want to hear their voices and this will be a time when they are allowed to talk.

So what is this really about?

Well, we are re-creating these messages; meaningful messages coming from the kids and written by kids. Only, they will be using their hands & arms to communicate how they feel about sport (See attached pic). These messages will make us adults realise that at the end of the day, it’s just a game –  a game played by children for children at their playground.

‘If you think in your mind, that you are coaching bunch of learners, then the process changes. The kids will have to leave training having learnt something from you’ – Mike O’Toole (Photographer & Coach)

What do we need?

We are looking for children age 6 to 19 both boys and girls across all sports codes to partake in this exercise. This is there opportunity for them to be listened too, it’s time for them to have their say.

‘Many think that learning happens only in adult constructed environments (school, organised sport) and what is worse, our children are starting to believe it.’ – Mark O’Sullivan

These messages will come from the kids and written by the kids. The images and video content will then be collated send around the world via social media, we hope to create a ripple effect and inspire other nations to do the same. If you want to get involved, simply follow the process below and we will be in touch.

Ideally I’m looking for teams in the Fingal Area, however it’s really about the messages from the kids, if you want to get involved just enter your details below.

Any questions, just ask!

Photography by Mike O’Toole

Simply complete the application form below and we will be back in touch.

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I always like to hear your opinions. Please comment below or email me info@thecoachdiary.comIf, you don’t have anything to add then please forward this on to a friend. Thanks for reading. I’m also on twitter @Coachdiary

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