Irish Grassroots Football Soccer Parents

PaR’A’NTS are ruining their kids game..

We are not long into the season and already parents are playing a leading role in there childs development. Some have it spot on, allowing their child enjoy the game with no pressure to win, just making sure they enjoy every minute of every game they play. They never interfere with the coaches training, tactics or player rotation. They bring their child to and from training every single week, they thank the coach after training and wish them well for the match.

Help with your child development

They also make sure the child is getting extra training at home if needed and requested and depending on the level their boy or girl might be playing at, they work on various aspects of the game that might enhance his or hers ability as a player, (Never pressure them with your expectations, they must decide if they want to put in some extra training). They will never push to breaking point nor will they define success and failure in terms of winning and losing.

They are always supportive and never negative or aggressive, they are fathers or mothers and not coaches!!!

Children hate being told what they should have done…

Most parents that get into trouble with their children do so because they forget to remember the important position that they play. Coaching interferes with your role as supporter and fan. The last thing your child needs and wants to hear from you after a disappointing performance or loss is what they did technically or tactically wrong. Leave the coaching and instruction to the coach. Provide encouragement, support, empathy, transportation, money, help with fund-raisers, etc., but… do not coach!

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