A Player’s Message To Parents

Dec 18, 13 A Player’s Message To Parents

Inspired by Youth Football Scotland the ‘Player’s Message to Parents’ was initially sent to me by @thereselaverty a few weeks ago and I have since edited the message with the help from some kids.

I’m also asking clubs to send me their logos so that I can place it at the end of the message, so as to make it personal to each individual club.

Kids Football Is Changing

The aim of this Message is to once again reiterate the issues kids face every-week on football pitches across Ireland and the world. To date almost 4,000 offences have been committed by adults (Based on figures collated in a 15month period) in youth football across England and going by what we all see every weekend in Ireland, I’m sure we are not to far off the figure here.

A report by the BBC stated,

‘They relate to incidents recorded last season (2012-13) and so far this season (up to November 2013). In total, there were 3,731 cases of misconduct involving adults at under-18 matches. Of those, 1,057 involved incidents where clubs were charged with failing to control spectators or players – with the vast majority related to trouble caused by spectators’.

You can download the Message here → A Players Message To Parents

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