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A Players Message To Parents

I’m not sure of the originality of this I think I first saw it on a Youth Football Scotland back in 2013 but I have since edited it.

Thanks for coming to support our team today. I want you to remember a few things that will help with our performance:

I play the game because it’s fun, I want to Learn and Improve. You can help all the players, and I by encouraging us.

You are here representing our family and I; please don’t embarrass me by being negative, by shouting or swearing.

Praise me for trying a skill, good discipline, sportsmanship and my effort. These are the things that make me a real winner and better player.

Don’t criticise my mistakes or talk about me on the sideline, I will be scared to try things again. Mistakes are what help me improve, I will learn from them.

Please don’t stand to close to the sideline, as this will distract the players and I from concentrating on the things we should be doing during the game.

Please respect the referee, don’t question the decisions. They may not always get it right, like us they are trying and doing their best.

Sometimes, there are no referees, please don’t questions any decisions. My Coach will help, if we need it.

Please don’t coach me from the sideline or walk up and down the line. My coach is here to help, if we need it.

You don’t shout over my teacher in school, so please don’t shout over my coach. He/she has given us a set of instructions to follow.

Please do not challenge any spectators who behave in the wrong way. Just tell them that we don’t allow negative behaviour like that here.

Doing my best and learning how to play is an important part of my development. We all (the kids) want to win but having fun and improving is much more important to us.

There are no scores recorded and even when they are, don’t ask me about the result. Ask me, ‘how I played and if I had fun’. You can also say “I love watching you play” because really that’s all I need to you to say.

You can download a pdf of it HERE


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Irish Grassroots Football

A Player’s Message To Parents

Inspired by Youth Football Scotland the ‘Player’s Message to Parents’ was initially sent to me by @thereselaverty a few weeks ago and I have since edited the message with the help from some kids.

I’m also asking clubs to send me their logos so that I can place it at the end of the message, so as to make it personal to each individual club.

Kids Football Is Changing

The aim of this Message is to once again reiterate the issues kids face every-week on football pitches across Ireland and the world. To date almost 4,000 offences have been committed by adults (Based on figures collated in a 15month period) in youth football across England and going by what we all see every weekend in Ireland, I’m sure we are not to far off the figure here.

A report by the BBC stated,

‘They relate to incidents recorded last season (2012-13) and so far this season (up to November 2013). In total, there were 3,731 cases of misconduct involving adults at under-18 matches. Of those, 1,057 involved incidents where clubs were charged with failing to control spectators or players – with the vast majority related to trouble caused by spectators’.

You can download the Message here → A Players Message To Parents

I always like to hear your opinions. Please comment below or email me If, you don’t have anything to add then please forward this on to a friend. Thanks for reading. I’m also on twitter @Coachdiary