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Arklow United and Glasgow Celtic

Arklow United link with Glasgow Celtic has given the club exclusive access to Glasgow Celtic’s academy and development coaches for coach and player education. Aklows relationship with Glasgow Celtic continues to grow each season and they have plans for more exciting programs in the future.

I recently spoke to Mark Anderson Chairman of Arklow United and he tells me the club is dedicated to revitalising the grassroots football by constructing having the best soccer facilities and developing players in the right way. He is also is trying to implement better coaching for all his staff and with the partnership of Celtic they hope to further educate both the players and coaches at the club. Celtic provide the club with session plans and drills for all the coaches and regularly conduct coaching seminars. They also run camps for the kids at Easter and Summer.

Arklow have also implemented “don’t x cross the line” campaign at the club and are heavenly involved with the promotion for positive change at the under age level. Celtic is currently re structuring its own youth academy and working very closely with the Scottish FA in trying to develop the best players for the future of the league and national teams.

Scottish FA

Scottish football is currently going through a complete overall and they are making positive changes particularly to the small side games, so much so that the English FA and now watching very closing to the progression of there neighbours. I’d highly recommend the Scottish FA website for coach information, it has plenty information to access and is regularly updated with lots of content. Celtic along with Dundee United recently followed in the footsteps of the Scottish FA and opened up Scottish FA Football Academy, or Performance School with includes schooling and football for players. This Academies have been successful at Clubs like FCBarcelona and Sporting Club Portugal.

Celtic Camps

The main objective of the courses is to make a difference to young footballers across Wicklow. The course will last for five days between 10 am and 3pm and will focus on developing better players through practising skills and techniques, speed and agility exercises, and involvement in small- sided games: all with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment under the watchful eye of the Celtic coaching staff.

The Course

The key to success of these programmes will be participation. The Celtic Community Academy courses have been specially created for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 16, regardless of ability. Everyone is encouraged to take part and learn about the Celtic style of play and approach to the game. This camp is open to all kids aged 5 to 16s

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