This week Mike took some time out to talk about Running and his forthcoming workshop in December. I didn’t want to him to reveal to much before he landed on these shores next month, but here is a little taster.

TCD: What is the running school?

MA: The Running School was set-up to teach athletes and non-athletes of all abilities and age groups- How to Run and How to Run Faster! But that is not all we do. Injuries unfortunately are a part of sport and we have developed a number of protocols for Rehabilitation of Knees, ankles, backs, hamstrings etc. We work with professional and recreational athletes and teams from the UK, Europe and the USA

TCD: Can anyone develop their speed?

MA: Yes everyone can get faster if you know how! There are number of criteria you need to be aware of when developing speed – What are you trying to achieve? its different developing straight line speed and multi-directional speed, how you move? how you train? and how you stimulate the nervous system.

TCD: What is DMS?

MA: Dynamic Movement Skills is a training methodology which helps to develop Quickness and explosiveness and turning ability in athletes, It is being used by many professional sports teams in the UK & Europe, but we have also developed a Movement Re-Patterning protocol that we use for rehabilitation and with people with movement dysfunction which is used by many Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinics.

TCD: What types of athletes do you work with?

All kind of athletes from 6 years old kids with dyspraxia to elite professional footballers and rugby players and Olympic Gold medallists.

TCD: What are the most common Injuries with kids and adults?

MA: They vary between kids and adults. Kids can develop stress related injuries quickly if they are over trained or trained like adults, but they also get the normal strains and impact injuries that adults get. The most common injuries are Knee injuries followed by hamstring injuries. Many of them are caused through movement inefficiencies and compensation movements.

TCD: What is the best way to recover from an injury?

MA: In order – see a medical specialist, get treatment, do your rehab, do your training without pain and get back to sport moving correctly.

TCD: What can an attendee expect from the workshop in Dublin? 

MA: We will be looking at how we can develop efficient movement in sport, how we can develop the different parts of Speed and how we can develop speed with young athletes and mature athletes. We will also be doing a lot of practical work to show what to look for, what to correct and what to coach.

Mike will be running a Workshop (Multi directional) on Saturday December 7th at the NDSL Development Centre, OSCAR Traynor Road D17. To book or find out more about this workshop, click on WORKSHOP.

Download flyer » Multi directional Workshop 7DECEMBER 2013


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