Performa Sports CPD Level 4 Course

Mar 02, 17 Performa Sports CPD Level 4 Course

This level 4 course is on applied performance analysis integrating sports analysis to enhance the coaching process and athlete development.


An informative ‘hands-on’ performance analysis course developed by Ulster University and Performa Sports, designed to help coaches and analysts to effectively leverage sports analysis for team performance improvement and player development.

Who’s it for?

Anyone with an interest in sports and performance improvement through analysis
– Anyone who wishes to ‘skill up’ and learn about the next generation in performance analysis technology from Performa Sports
– Sports people (including players) interested in self-analysis and personal performance improvement

What will I gain?

– 60-days free trial of Performa Sports iPad application
– Course recognised at level 4 on the National Quali cations and Credit Framework
– Opportunity to bene t from Higher Education
– Attain 5 credits towards Certi cate for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD)
– Ulster University certi cation
– Excellent understanding of Performa Sports performance analysis software
– Knowledge to apply ef cient analysis work ows and effective performance communication

What is CPPD?

The Certi cate of Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) is a framework within Ulster University with a range of short courses of study which can be undertaken at any stage in life, regardless of prior qualifications. You can study small courses which can be built up to achieve an award (60 credits in total) from the university.


The module will help develop knowledge of performance analysis integrated with the coaching process and athlete learning. It will also develop a capacity to recognise and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and present data in an appropriate and assessable manner.

Knowledge & Understanding 

– Explain how theories and concepts in performance analysis and coaching are applied to enhance sporting performance.
– Discuss how an understanding of appropriate data collection and feedback can develop sporting performance.

– Discuss how the role of performance analysis can tailor the technical and tactical content of training sessions


– Identify key performance indicators in a variety of sports and discuss how these can impact performance
– Select appropriate methods to monitor / measure performance indicators and collate data
– Appraise and evaluate the value of data collected and the feedback mechanisms used.

Practical Skills

– Plan, deliver and evaluate a quantitative analysis of a particular aspect of sporting performance in accordance with coaching needs.
– Develop an ability to prepare, deliver and evaluate a feedback intervention in an individual or team environment using best practice standards.

Transferable Skills

– Demonstrate effective communication skills in a range of settings
– Demonstrate observational and analytical skills
– Use reactive practice to evaluate performance
– Use technology-based, video recorded and manual methods of analysing sporting performance


This module will be delivered through lectures, practical activities and a workshop on iPad- based analysis. Students will be required to participate in all practical exercises and workshops (training iPads can be provided during the course).

With this course you also have the option of going for a formal Level 4 CPPD accreditation from Ulster University. There would be a fee of €120 for this but we will cover all other costs. This is completely optional and would require a course assignment to be completed and emailed to UU for independent assessment. 

Course Details

  • Date: Saturday 11th Mar 2017
  • Venue: Croke Park Hotel, Dublin 
  • Meeting room: Russell room
  • Time: 9am-7pm
  • Catering: Tea/Coffee on arrival / lunch at 1pm / evening refreshments at 4.30pm
  • Car parking: Complimentary hotel car parking for attendees, please retain your ticket to be stamped at reception 
  • What to bring: If you have access to an iPad, download Performa Sports from the App Store and register your free trial, please bring this with you (a limited number of training iPads will also be available)
  • Course materials: You will receive an electronic PDF copy of the course slides along with useful links for your reference
  • Take 2-minute survey to help us prepare for your place and confirm contact details for your certificate

For further information contact  or call +44 (0) 771 943 6178


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