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Jul 15, 11 Horst Wein

The Horst will be in Ireland next weekend kicking off on Friday 22nd July7pm at Portmarnock Sport and Leisure Club. Other venues TBC

If your club or league is interested in hosting this amazing coach please get in touch ASAP.

Mr Horst Wein will introduce his world renowned YOUTH FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT MODEL.

Portmarnock Sports and Leisure Centre (PSLC) (Top of Carrick Hill Road, Portmarnock).

Friday 22nd July

7.15pm to 10.00pm

Registration from 6.50pm

€10 per person


Saturday 23rd July

10.15am to 1.00pm

Registration from 9.45am

€10 per person

Youth Development

The IRISH YOUTH FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT MODEL has been designed by perhaps the world’s foremost mentor of football coaches, Horst Wein. The contents of his books, some published by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, since 1985 have changed the game at youth level in many Spanish clubs and are now taught in 53 countries of the four continents to more than 11 500 coaches. Horst was Head Coach of Nike FC in the UK from 2000-2003 and has consulted at such top clubs around the world as Arsenal, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, Villareal, Peñarol Montevideo, Leeds Utd, Schalke O4, Pachuca, America and Pumas from México.

He also cooperated with the United Nations in a project to use the game of football as a school of life for excluded children in South America. He is the author of 35 sports text books, some of them translated in 8 languages and the world’s first ever multimedia book in football coaching.

His model gives also the answers to the big dilemma that all youth coaches face every weekend: How do I develop all the young players in my care to the maximum of their potential, when I am constantly put under pressure from their parents and the football administrations which encourage more winning games and leagues instead of favouring long term development ?

Experts and officials are commenting since a decade the lack of creative talent in Irish football. To overcome this, Horst with his different vision of developing young football players, proposes the answers and will explain and demonstrate them practically and theoretically in his taster sessions in Ireland this weekend.

The taster sessions serve as an appetizer for his main clinic on 30th September to the 2nd October in Dublin: Developing Game Intelligence in Football

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Attached link is an interview Horst did with an Indian Radio station last May.

Horst on Indian Radio podcast

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