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Champion FC Barcelona Coaching Clinic @ Carton House Hotel 5th & 6th February, as heard on Newstalk, 2FM,Radio Kerry,Dublin City,TodayFM,LMFM; for more info go to

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The next phase of the NDSL Coaches Club took place today, myself and David Berber had the pleasure to speak to the coaches on the course and thanks to Mitch Whitty for inviting us along.

NDSL academy put together a fantastic half day coaching extravaganza for all present and future members and non members of the Coaches Club.

You can join membership of the Coaches Club at a slight discount with new members only having to pay 85euros for access to all the remaining sessions for the rest of the season. The festival of coaching kicked off at 10am until late in the afternoon: The first hour focused on goalkeeping coaching run by Dave Martin the head goalkeeping coach at the NDSL Academy Number 1 Club. Everything from what to do during your club training nights, to how to warm up the goalie on match day was covered. Not knowing how to train and what to do with one of the most important players on your team, and not having that player prepared for the game will be a thing of the past.

A&D Sports Science Group

At 11am: Development in terms of strength and conditioning with A&D Sports Science Group. Eddie and Karl from A&D put on a session that highlighted the next stage in player development, and also put on a more detailed program of the physical training requirements needed by players in the future.

Shay Caffery the Sporting Fingal Physio

Future players will need to have adequate conditioning and fitness to play the new fast paced technical game that soccer is turning into. As a bonus for the day at 12noon: Shay Caffery the Sporting Fingal Physio came in to do a basic first aid course and combine it with a basic physio demonstration that every coach should have in his locker. This was to be able to identify minor injuries that players develop during games and also be able to access what course of treatment maybe required for those injured players.

Shay demonstrated what kind of training players could be doing while recovering from injuries so they don’t take longer than is necessary to get back playing football.

After Lunch John Devine and Robbie Moahan from Sporting Fingal, and with Mitch Whitty the Technical Director of the NDSL Academy put on practical coaching sessions based around what kind of training u14’s/U15’s/U16’s/and U17’s should be doing on a weekly basis.

These sessions will help coaches put together coaching programs designed for these particular age groups, and to help you as a coach access your player’s strengths and abilities.

This one of coaching bonanza is designed to highlight just how far the NDSL Academy and the NDSL Coaches Club are going in an effort to help football coaches develop the skills, and the confidence to put on practical relevant coaching sessions designed to get young players to play the modern high tempo game that soccer has become and you don’t need to have any coaching qualifications or huge coaching or football experience to get the benefits the Coaches Club, half day coaching fair will empower the new football coaches.

The Coaches Club is getting bigger every time they hold these sessions and they would love to see even more coaches come on board to learn more. You dont have to be in the NDSL leagues to join, they are for all coaches and anyone looking to get into coaching.

They want coaches who feel they have an idea they would like to share with other like minded coaches, and come forward with a view to maybe putting on a coaching session they feel would be a benefit the members and to football as a whole.

The NDSL would love to here from you or maybe even consider inviting them to come and talk to members of your club.

This is great Club and certainly a fantastic tool for Coaches, it can only enhance your Coaching education, fairplay to NDSL for having such a forward thinking vision!

If you want to get involved log on to for more information.

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