Irish Based Catalan Elite Football Philosophy

Catalan Elite Football began this summer in Ireland. Based out of Parnells GAA in Coolock and running every Friday from 7pm to 9pm and catering for kids aged 6 to 14 years. Catalan Professional coach Marc Miquel writes about his experiences so far in Ireland, in his own words: Introduction After four months coaching in Dublin I’ve...

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Newstalk, Champion, Airport, Lisbon, Sporting!!!

Jan 10, 11 Newstalk, Champion, Airport, Lisbon, Sporting!!!

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After Tom Dunne Show on Newstalk interview tomorrow (10.20am), then straight to Champion Sports and Off to the Airport and no I’m not departing for good; just going to Lisbon with David Berber to spend 2 days at Sporting’s Puma...

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